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Art & Craft Room

"A child is like the potter’s clay which can be groomed and moulded in accordance to the desired shape". With beautifully manicured lawns and state of the art infrastructure the school understands the needs of the present times where education goes beyond the mastering of the three R’s.

Dance & Music Room

Music is the elixir for mind and soul.Spontaneous overflow of the powerful feeling is obtained here through the movements of the body, emotional expression and spiritual form.Numerous styles and genres of dance are practiced for ceremonial, competitive and erotic genius. Attempts to codify aspects of life are kept in dance vision.Music room of the School offers a full platter to choose from. Students are not just secluded to playing instruments. Solo and group singing is also encouraged trade.

Yoga and Pranayama

"Yoga is the space where flower blossoms.” At Litera Heritage School, students apart from being schooled in the CBSE pattern, willingly practice Transcendental Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama as a part of their daily school routine. Meditation/Yoga and Pranayama are a part of the mainstream curriculum that helps the children to get rid of their stress and focus mainly on the goals and priorities.