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The 2400 SQ FT school library is a learning resource center in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material, and digital data with internet access. The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and inculcates love for reading in students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources. Salient features of the school library includes:E-library facility,Surveillance system to monitor the students and to keep a check so that undesirable websites are not explored,A specific reference area for all the teachers and students equipped with computers,Subscription to all the latest magazines, newspapers, journals for students and teachers,Computer and Internet access to all.

Toy library

A toy library is a venue where parents, grandparents and/or takers can go to borrow a large variety of good quality toys, puzzles and games, designed to support children's development and promote learning through play. These toys, puzzles and games may be borrowed and enjoyed at home or in a group situation– just like books from a lending library..

Membership of a toy library may increase a parent's understanding of the importance of playing, and the stages of development at which these types of play are of particular importance. In addition, Toy Libraries offer a network of support for families. Parents and takers can meet informally, forge friendships and discuss their problems and concerns. This can also be a great way to meet new like-minded people if the family has just moved into a new area.