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The school provides counselling at Primary, Middle and Senior Secondary Levels manned by qualified personnels. Students of senior classes are offered career information, counseling and guidance based on scientifically structured aptitude tests. The process of career planning is guided by aptitudes, interest, personality and expectation. We groom the youngsters from the very beginning and make them career-minded.

Both the interactive and learning experiences at school help the child to become a well adjusted personality, able to cope with the challenges in the world. Our counselling program consists of making an accurate diagnosis of the students, whereby preventive and corrective measures can be adopted so that they can improve their ways of learning and living. Besides remedial programs, we also take into account enrichment programs that help the students to excel themselves.

Proper redressal of adolescence predicaments is necessary to produce emotionally balanced adults. The school career guidance and counselling cell has been revamped in consonance with changing competitive scenario. It keeps our students informed of all competitions and career opportunities. Our objective is to help the students to realize their potential and talents to the maximum.